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11 October 2016 @ 07:15 pm
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23 September 2016 @ 01:51 pm

"Ring, ring, ring~! Oh wait, I'm lying, you got my message machine!"

[ Feel free to respond to texts, voicemails, or action stuff if you want little action things ]
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25 July 2016 @ 10:17 pm
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20 January 2015 @ 09:44 pm
[ Voice ]

Mmm. I wonder. Call it conjecture on my part, but what happens to a body when you stab out it's heart?

[ This world... but those are some broad assumptions on his part. About more than one thing. ]

[ Action ]

[ But as for the main part of what Masaomi Kida is doing today, he's hanging out by the fountain, standing on the edge of it with arms wide. Weakness. Weakness is what might destroy them, huh? He wonders if that's individual, or if that's the weakness of a people. He wonders what weakness actually means. Despite this, he's not with Linda for once, and there's a smile on his face. It doesn't meet his eyes, but he's hawking around for anyone in the square, particularly people he knows. And he's holding in his hands two... playing cards?

And when he spies someone, he'll have to bound up to them and ask: ]

Hello! Hello~! Let's play a little game, huuuh?

[ Because he's older now. Because it's the end, and because what else is there left for him to loose. He'll play a game which has him terrified. ]
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27 October 2014 @ 05:09 pm
[ NOTE: This post is set before the barrier goes down, so if that means it ends up needing to be backdated a day to sometime after the meeting but before the barrier goes down then assume it is. ]

[ Voice ]

[ The voice clicks in from him down in the tunnels. ]

Hey-ho, my compatriots! Things seem to be heating up, right? That mission that Tyr-san was talking about, the plans for exploration that some of us - myself included - have in mind, and the promise that barrier's going to be down soon. It's sort of spooky, but it's also exciting.

That said, just as there's the future before us, there's also the past... a matter of legacy, you could say? [ And then there's the sound of him tapping his knuckles against the wall. It's echoing some, and he got in past some labs by asking politely, and found this here memoir wall ] I wish these things had videos, but you guys should come down into the tunnels and see this. There's a wall here of momentos - little things that people carved or drew here to pass on sentiments or information to the people of the future.

[ And he tilts his head, still holding his book in hand. He's trying to be coy. He's still not 100% sure if the Filial have access to the things he and his future people say, and how much is supposed to be a secret. He's been covertly asking question after question all over town, playing the part of a curious individual: What are they working on, what's their relationship with the people outside the barrier, who are their leaders, a little bit about their history, if they've heard of certain key individuals from the future (passing it off as asking about people from his own world if pressed), how they think and feel about this or that... it's been interesting. Still, this Wall does provide even more insight. but more importantly, what if they left messages here? What if they made warnings or little hints for people down the line to make the future a better place? That could improve things tremendously. And so he hits it home with: ]

Maybe we should pass on some thoughts ourselves, given we're so clearly hitting a turning point. I know I'm intending to leave something for the next batch of newcomers, in case we bungle something.

[ And with that in mind, he slides against the wall, speaking to the book again, letting it rest on his knees: ]

Speaking of, I know I'm going to explore and a lot of people are hoping to get called in for that mission, but anyone specifically planning to stay behind here? Romeaus-san himself say that some people need to hold down the fort, and looking at these labs, I think a lot of people are working on leaving their "legacy" in the form of advancements in our technology or systems. Anyone got any projects they're on now? Who knows, if you speak up maybe some other people will overhear us and join you...

Actually, more over, just what is everyone planning to do? Talk to me, I promise on the name of Masaomi Kida I'll give you a pep talk if you need that courage.

[ Even if he's just talking to talk, really. It's his own calming agent, because they're in some serious shit now, so making a few jokes, talking about nothing? Differing the topic? Sure, he trusts Shikamaru and a lot of other people here but... well, it's still tense. He hopes someone out there is working on little technical things he can't help much with. Still, exploring... not that the rustic life suits him, but still ]

[ Also if you want Action he'll be exploring around the tunnels/labs until he's asked to leave, and after that you can catch him at his house (if you know where he and his roomies are shacking up), around the town taking in the sights/talking to people/looking to see if anyone's doing specific things, or sparring with some of the locals, who are antsy about the potential coming conflict. Maybe sparring with others from the future if they want to. Despite always saying he's a normal, he never realized how weird it is to fight without some of the gimmicks he's picked up here ]
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30 September 2014 @ 06:17 am
[ Video // Action ]

[ So Masaomi got back from his two missions... just in time to get that announcement from the Red Guy. And you know what, after that announcement, a conversation with Red he had earlier in the month, the fact it is the end of the month, and how mad Linda got at a certain animal on one of the missions they were just on-- it seems like it's time. His efforts with Cilan and the others have reached a fair enough point that it seems like they can do it and- ]

Ladies...! And gentlemen. [ Linda, on his head, chimes in that she would like to make it clear that your lady preference is not necessarily reflected in her and this is her limelight, thank you. To which he laughs.

Either way, the video opens up to see Masaomi and Linda sitting against a large rock at the North end of town approaching the forest's edge, but near the river. They have propped the journal up against something so that it can record them - and given the angle, they've clearly tested the positioning. Masaomi's in just a light jacket over a tank-top (so his wings are a tad exposed) with with real pants because it's too cold to afford to be out in just that even if he had just been working out one last course with Linda in her current form. He's holding ... a Thunderstone. Linda's looking a bit excited too ]
Today, we've reached an important point in the life of my partner here, and we're going to show off just what she can do! Namely, [ and he tosses the stone in the air, catches it, and then motions for Linda to get off his head. Which she does, to get up on top of the rock ] it's time for her evolution.

Recorded here, for your own visual spectacle! [ Linda, ever one to have an ego, preens a bit at this, puffing out her chest and her cheeks a bit too ] After all, her momentous evolution to this stage was recorded... quite a while ago now, from a charming moment between the two of us! [ HEY. ] And it was public! A glorious one which could bring a tear to a man's eye... [ SHUT UP ALREADY. ] Buuuut. This one's on a bit of a day everyone needs to do their own packing, so consider this your entertainment while you do.

[ She's more than entertainment you know... But then he turns to her, smiles, and winks. She huffs a little, and averts her gaze. But then she looks back and nods. He steps closer to her, and makes to dance the stone above her, before pressing it onto her head ]

I, Masaomi Kida, by the duties of the trainer hereby knight you, the beautiful and powerful Lady Linda... [ Wow, wow shuuuut uuuup you were cool for a bit there, but this... ] to the next stage of life! So we can go on and have adventures. [ Why are you being this corny in front of everyone noooo-- in fact. She can't handle it anymore- she starts to glow white as the evolutionary process begins, but then the video is caught off in the form of her leaping past Masaomi and tackling the journal shut just as the process begins to take hold. Because she is not going to be embarrassed further. He makes a little bit of a protest when she does, but...

Feel free to respond to this cut off ceremony! Or to go up to that upper end of town and see them! Or assume he told your character (if they're friends) this was going down in the morning before going up to do it so maybe they were an audience Either way, have at ]
Masaomi Kida
01 September 2014 @ 06:26 pm
[ Voice ]

So, who here's heard of dinosaurs?

[ He's been reading Michael Crichton lately, sue him. Also, he genuinely wonders how many not-Earth people have, given a lot of animals do seem similar between a lot of worlds, but... dinosaurs though. ]

[ Action ]

[ Well, there are normal staples of Masaomi's day: you can see him working the Convenience Store if you want, you can see him shopping for clothes, you can see him in the library (perhaps picking up some books in the aforementioned dinosaurs), or training (in a tank top and shorts) at the Battle Dome. At the end of the day you might also see him going to HQ for the end of the night.

But... something else is at the Dome today fore someone who wants special stuff. Namely, once he's tired and sweaty and Linda has worked herself hard, Masaomi is still using his room, but he's using it to project images of all sorts of dinosaurs based on a picture book that he picked up at the library. To see them in motion, because why wouldn't you try to do something like that? ]
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17 July 2014 @ 06:09 pm
[ Voice ]

[ This video is broadcast from Masaomi's apartment, and happens first thing in the morning (by his standards), probably about 8 or so AM. It's off-camera for the most part, but the only thing on camera is the space above his head. He's currently juggling his Thunderstone though, and as a result the camera might take a snap photo of it now and again. It'll get hime if he shifts his position (and let's face it, he will) and might get Linda or Shikamaru's cat if they come into frame too. So have fun with that if you wanted. But more importantly. ]

Anyone remember that Speed Dating thing that that on LGBT club hosted a while back? I guess it came to mind because that other Brigade woman used to make a thing out of Tanabata and that was a week back or so, but I know I liked it and based on the timing of a few other things, I'm pretty sure it spawned a success story or two. Maybe people need to have that leveled for them again.

Anyone actually in love right now but can't bring themselves to confess? Promise I won't tell! Even if you don't, though- This has been you regular Masaomi Kida, and I'm sure I'll be seeing you.

[ Wink. ]

[ Action ]

[ True to his word though, chances are you will see Masaomi around town. After a period of trying to get ahold of and then trying to re-articulate his request to MARS (maybe they're going through some stuff right now like all the rest of the Malnosso seem to be, maybe he was just too specific) Masaomi has gotten hold of the "thank you for playing" with me return gifts he thought of at the tail end of June. Sure, it's been almost a whole month now since his birthday, but the idea was novel to him and even if he paid a ton of points for it (to Shikamaru's disapproval) he decided the idea seemed worth it. He's not totally sure if it still is or not, but everyone who participated in the King's Game at his birthday party is going to be accosted to to gifted one of these hoodies (one size theoretically fits all so it might be big or small on some people) from a large bag he's carrying around.

Once he goes to all the people he knows the houses of, he'll still probably have a few left, but after that he'll be settling in to either the Battle Dome (for his workout/looking for some potential spars maybe), the Convenience Store (for his job), or one of the bridges to look into the water and talk to Sona and Tsinku. At said bridges you might also see him running static through the air around him or attempting some approximation of waterbending. At any of those locations he'll be looking for the leftovers of the hoodie-getters too (do not feel obligated to reply though, some of them can be assumed and some people live at the same houses so he can leave them with people there or something)

Or you can run into him between any of those points. consider this an opened up post

EDIT: If you specify in your reply I can have Masaomi under the effect of a previous shift as per the current ongoing passive event. Like he just flickered into it for an hour. Put it in the subject title or something. ]
Masaomi Kida
03 June 2014 @ 02:42 pm
[ Voice ]

Ehhhhh-to. So, if I'm going to going to make an open forum here, any chance that you guys can tell me what you think "manhood" actually is? After all, I'm due to come of age in a scant week or three, and that sort of thing's dwelling on my mind.

[ And, perhaps just as importantly, what a soldier is. And if he's getting there in being one? ... The fact he wants to sign up for the last leg of his MSF Boot Camp actually probably speaks volumes for that, considering he just got out of one particularly nasty battlefield a week ago. But he won't mention that and he won't sign up. Instead, because he's still being kept up a little bit whenever he smells something metallic, expecting there to be blood on the ground . . . .

He makes an ill-informed choice.]

[ Action ]

[ Masaomi has a mission today. A very important mission that only women can help him with, in his eyes. The lines under his eyes perhaps show he hasn't slept the best per se... but that's beside the point. There are certain people who are excluded from this on principle (Katara, people younger than like 16, some others), some who he knows won't take it well so they're out (Shiemi, Raven, Temari, some others) and some who he knows are in relationships so that's beside the point. But he's going to go for something different this his normal range of playful to obnoxious flirting. He's going to try to be sincere today, and go for an ill-informed string of something approaching confessions. Because he doesn't want to be twenty and alone and with these mental associations he has now . . .

So be someone he accosts for that (volunteer basis, I have no OOC stake in people's reactions one way or the other to put it on the record) or run into him while he's all over town looking for people ]
Masaomi Kida
20 April 2014 @ 01:11 am
[Action -- BACKDATED to Day 1 -> 9 (April 8th -> April 17th)]

[ (basically because we both failed to get in on week 1 of the event in the log, oops, but bring in all your stuff go for it)

So Merlin hid the sword Excalibur which would name the prince the rightful king of Luceti. He hid it in the heart of a beautiful young maiden. Or maybe it was an old woman. Or a man. Actually, he's not even sure about the beautiful part. But the point is that someone out there somewhere has Excalibur in them and it's just waiting to be pulled out Utena and/or Guilty Crown style depending on your poison. And right now both the wizard and the prince are out to try to find it and claim his crown as the once and future king.

Masaomi, our prince, is dressed more or less like this. Shikamaru, our wizard, is dressed more or less like this. And the both of them are on a quest to find the person who has Excalibur inside of them so they can pull the sword from the stone person. For much of this adventure, they are together. However, as is wont to happen with this event, the two do seem to keep getting regularly teleported away from each other. Or sometimes teleported together, so the point is that you can find them absolutely anywhere from your closet to the streets to the middle of the mountains.

A truly riveting and classic fairy tale. ]

[ Okay, technicals: We do want only one person to actually be able to have the sword pulled out of them, and we leave it open to the first person who calls dibs. But beside that, you can have them pull many other things out. Such as, say, a broom. Or a poleax. Or an assault rifle. All of them will vanish after the event if they are any dangerous like that, it's meant to be a gag. Obviously, as per the fairy tale this is vaguely based on, only Masaomi can pull out the sword, but Shikamaru ([personal profile] endgames) can pull out anything else. You can request to have one or the other, or you can have both in a threeway. Just label it in the subject header ]

[ Bonus: Masaomi during Week 2 ]
Masaomi Kida
12 March 2014 @ 12:53 pm
[ Voice ]

So White Day is supposed to be for repaying girls who give you something on Valentines, but what do you think the morality and dignity's at for giving out gifts on it without them having given you anything? Two days to figure that one out I guess.

Oh, and I'm back.

[ And he may or may not be preparing to give gifts to all sorts of girls on the 14th. Maybe. I'm still deciding personally

If you want action this is broadcast from his apartment but he will be at the Convenience Store and Battle Dome for different reasons too ]
Masaomi Kida
17 February 2014 @ 06:24 pm

[ Masaomi has made a promise to himself today. It's the Monday after Valentines and he's pretty sure he hasn't been shifted yet. He's also gotten a pretty disappointing chocolate turnout on Valentines probably - anyone is free to correct me if your characters gave something. And really, something Davis once said still weighs on him... Not that he can do anything about it this late in the game but he's going to be doing something special today:

While he's working at the Convenience Store or later in the day when he's hanging out around the square - not only is he going to flirt with almost every girl he can see, which isn't unusual, he is going to try to score as many actual dates as he can. Asking people out. Because why not? It'll be fun and chances are the plans will be put awry in the next week or two anyway.

So ladies, come at him. Or dudes come ask what he's doing or maybe join in on him. yolo swag ]
Masaomi Kida
16 January 2014 @ 02:20 pm
[ Voice ]

Hello, are we on? Yeah, we're on.

[ There's some sounds in the background - Ino showed up too and she's looking through what's left of Chouji's stuff to see if he did actually leave anything behind. Masaomi himself is leaning up against the wall as he makes to clarify: ]

Chouji's gone home. So, I've got my condolences to send out to his fellow ninja [ those who don't know already, they are all in the same building ] that diner he works at, and to all the ladies of Luceti, who are now denied one more sweet and kind fellow. You know, if he was actually interested. But hey, the guy has things to do back home.

[ Action ]

[ Option 1: Later in the day: was that too rude? Was that too sincere? Really, he is thrown for a loop by having Chouji gone. And he feels bad for his friends... and Katara. Shikamaru too, and he can't do anything for him because he left for a mission. In Lieu of that, Masaomi needed something to do in order to lighten his mood. And thus, he decided to put on a familiar outfit. He's not 100% sure if he wants to impersonate Dartmouth exactly, but it does make him feel empowered despite it all. Which is why he's got a stick of grain in his mouth, he's playing hookey from the Convenience store, and he's doing things like looming in trees and waiting for people he could play a prank on or two. Not his friends as much. More other people. But maybe a little on his friends too.

Option 2: Later in the day though, more towards night - with no reason to go home, he remains in the outfit but also picks up some odd looking tennis shoes to go the Battle Dome. Once there, he's trying to get the hand of what appear to be rocket shoes which use compressed air. He got it from all that kissing so... He's racing around a track and trying to work out the balance. Linda, his Pikachu, is also practicing zapping things, having now gotten enough back to manage it solo. Weakly

Option 3: Very late into the night, 9PM+ he should be heading back home but... he still doesn't want to go back to it being empty. He looks for any girls out late to flirt with them. Also any dudes out late too. If it's someone he knows or if there's someone he doesn't, he'll try to feign amnesia and/or being a new feather so that he can ask to stay the night with them. Just to see where that goes ]
Masaomi Kida
09 December 2013 @ 05:46 pm
[ Action ]

[ Back from the Mission he abruptly took when his fear-shift was getting in the way of basic interaction Masaomi... is over the shift, and now feels somewhat guilty for it. And what's more, he feels a greater need to be with his friends than he has in a few months. So really, he could seek them out (and he most likely will, eventually) but here on the first day... Well, here's one of three things you might come across him doing instead, to be social, on this cold December day. Oh and he's wearing this albeit with a thicker coat and gloves on outside.

A) He just sets up shop in a thick coat at one of the central bridges in town - the southmost one, where he's had a lot of emotionally charged moments over the years. He sits on the rail and intercepts people trying to walk through. For what, you might ask? Well, these people need to pay a small toll. Either they need to make up a story for him or hear out a story from him. ... Or be in a significant hurry to force him or convince him to step aside. But whatever. While he waits he eats some of the mikan from Nami's harvest

B) Working at the Convenience Store! Here, he busies himself in the form of reciting off sales pitches for various items in there or dicking around with his coworkers. Some up-sales might be for the slurpies, Nami's mikans, Cilan's lunches (if they're there) or "your food here!" in which case he'll try to sell the merits of bringing in special business to the store. Or chatting up friends as they show up.

In-between these two you might also catch him in transit, going to flirt with girls in the square during his break, going out to lunch in his break at Seventh Heaven, or popping his head into the Flower Shop, Smithy, or Welcome Center. Free for all extra options woo.

C) In the evening, it is very cold. Or maybe it's just the wind-chill. And thus the other plans he might have had (to go to the south end of town, to go the bar, etc) just seem like they would be a waste of time, so instead he goes to slum in all the levels of the Flame Building. He doesn't quite knock on doors, but he does go to hang out in all the central community kitchen rooms of the levels... which now that the new apartments have in-apartment kitchens he doesn't expect to see anyone there the way he might have before, but it's still something to consider.

And finally, he ends the night by going up on the Flame Building's very frigid roof in his thick coat for a while to look out over how the wind is making little snowdrifts you can see with the light of the streetlights. ...Christmas is coming, isn't it? Again. ... He really needs a girlfriend. And he finds himself pleased that that thought doesn't terrify him. ]
Masaomi Kida
25 September 2013 @ 10:50 pm
[Action: During The Event (21st-25th)]

[So Masaomi Kida, age 15, lonely, was awaiting Mikado to arrive in Tokyo so that they could hang out. ...and then he was no longer in a city. Needless to say, he was very disturbed when he woke up in an apartment he didn't recognize, and ended up spending a lot of time trying to keep to shadows and corners and not... get involved. It's somewhere around the third day of things he relaxes enough to conclude he's insane, everyone's insane, or that this mouse in the apartment with him is really scary enough that he wants calm his nerves a little by hitting on girls in the plaza. This is done while he's scared and stressed, but as when he arrived, he is doing his best to hide it.

You might also run into him during the hiding, taking a rest, snacking, whatever else you can imagine and we'll run with it... replies here from [personal profile] boobielife]

[Voice/Action: After The Event (26th)]

[And after the event... Masaomi really he used to be a huge loser. And it's one of those rare moments of clarity where he appreciates how far he's come. So he decides to do a few things. The first of which is, petting Linda, to open up to a voice entry]

Hello Luceti, and for all you ladies out there who haven't met me, this is Masaomi Kida - resident fighter, lover, and I'm training in a few other disciplines. I'm also the resident host of the of course by now famous show, Kida Radio! Which... brings us to now! The 4-1-1, for all of your prople who aren't used to them, is that we just got done with a Shift - a little experiment by the Malnosso who are lording over all our heads. Seems a lot of people got to have a new look at life, and not quite in the unpleasant way much of us did during that last invasion.

Now there'll be more reports as we go on, maybe a little music. But right now we'd like to open the floor to any any all questions viewers like you might have. So come forth! Nothing's too personal, nothing's too specific, and nothing is off the table. Ladies, I am single.

[True to his word he'll do some other broadcasts too. Like commentary on the Battle Dome, some reports on older experiments, or reports on how handsome he is, or reports on "hotties gone by" where he reminisces about attractive people (mostly female, but some male) Luceti used to have but have gone home. If you want me to type out what that might have sounded like you can prompt it in the subject head, otherwise feel free to assume.

And later that day he does have one errand to attend to: going to House 11 to meet with a friend of his. After that, later in the week, you might see him at the convenience store or Battle Dome if you want to run into him post-event action]
Masaomi Kida
19 August 2013 @ 10:08 pm
[Phase 1: Action]

[ In the backyard behind House 56 there is now a trampoline. Why? A late birthday gift for Ikki now that Masaomi is back from his mission. Fortunately, the MARS people plopped it right there all set up so he only had to make his own down to it (he didn't even go back to his apartment so he's in his mission attire) still to make sure it's there. So. Yeah that's there. And he's considering how to put a bow or something on it - but he doesn't have a bow... ]

[Phase 2: other Action]

[ A week ago, the event ended and Masaomi ollied out. Now he's back from his mission and frankly, he feels a little bit vindicated to have completed the basic training that he failed last time. Linda wanted to rest at the apartment, so he's out solo and wearing this. After he showered and generally felt like he was being cool.

He doesn't feel like working, and while he is in the mood to hit on girls, he's not in the mood to put as much effort into it as he'd like. So mostly, he can be found reading a book in public. Namely, it's a book of poems. He also has a notebook, and seems to be considering something of his own. He should probably make a post or go track down his family or friends or exes from the event... but. Oh well.

In terms of errands, he really only has one, and it's at the Smithy. He's hoping to run into Raven or ... not Sokka, but who knows what'll come to pass]
Masaomi Kida
06 July 2013 @ 01:33 pm

[So... his birthday was last month, Katara's was the other day, Neji's was a few days before that. Plus there was that (awesome) speed dating thing between all those. But! Now it is time for New Feather season, and, well... Now that things are more or less better with Katara and he is going to do something he hasn't done in while:

Go out and hit on girls. However... Frey has a girlfriend, so does Ven. Gold has whatever you quantify Crystal as, probably. So he intends to drag Cilan into it, but Cilan's a no-show. ...Man, he needs a wingman. At least he found a super cool shirt.

Oh well!! Most of the day day, around the plaza, Masaomi Kida will be finding new an inventive ways to flirt with women. No girl except ones he knows are taken is safe!! And in between that he'll be hanging out with his Pikachu, usually sitting on the edge of the fountain. Guys are also free to react to the fact he's been hitting on girls so brazenly While he's sitting there you might hear him humming something or muttering something like "maybe I should do another show..."

But then, later in the afternoon, more like evening, Masaomi will be clocking in some hours at the Convenience Store. Wherein he'll either interact with his coworkers, help out customers, or stock the shelves. Sure, it's a redundant shop, but it's officially one he works at, so he might as well work wit it. But once there, he dcides to make another voice entry:]

[Voice // Filtered to Girls]

So I have a very charming man, seeking a girlfriend! Not me, of course, though I wouldn't want you to get the idea that I'm off the market. But for now, I'm doing a solid for my good friend Cilan-san! Maybe you've met him, but he's a little shy, despite how articulate and skilled with cooking he is. After all, he didn't hit the town with me or even go to the Speed Dating!

[A little laugh, before]

Which is all the more reason you should consider a date with this high class gentleman! I'll even hook you right up.
Masaomi Kida
05 March 2013 @ 09:48 am

exposition )

So what was he doing?

Well, him and his Pikachu are getting some exercise. It's not particularly icy today, so they do it outside, running around town and leaping up trashcans and walls to roofs, swinging off lamp posts, and in Linda's case floating some. Basically, parkour/free running as much as is possible in an almost-rural town like this. It's making him miss the urban environment even more, but it does feel nice to show off a little with the stamina and strength which now backs up the balance he's always had. Sure, the both of them mess up now and again, but more often than not (sometimes with some chakra help) they pull off some crazy leaping stunts. What's more, as the day drags on of them doing this, he and his mouse get progressively more in sync as the joy of showing off and doing crazy stuff overrides both of their degrees of shame.

So run into them doing that all over, but mostly centered around the plaza.

That night, he settles in for a meal at Seventh Heaven. He should go home or hang out at the Convenience Store, but he decides he'd rather eat out right now. So him and Linda go in to eat there. He also pulls out his journal and considers something...]


So, is anyone planning things for White Day? [Not that he's expecting it, but. There, he's reaching out more]
Masaomi Kida
06 February 2013 @ 11:57 pm
[Action A]
[Eighteen days. He's been missing for eighteen days - not that he's been able to keep track, honestly. The best he can figure, it's been "about two weeks." About two weeks since they lost and were kidnapped. Some good the modification of the droids did, huh? He recognizes where he's been dropped off, though. He's on the beach.

The cold, snowy, beach.

Groaning, and with a shivering pikachu in his arms, the boy starts his long march to the teleporters, and after that he'll be making a long trek back up to CH1. He's in a torn coat, pants, and shirt and generally looking bruised and tired. No matter how he and Linda get to the apartment, that's their intended destination. He's used to bleeding, and neither him nor his girl seem to be bleeding enough that they need medical attention before they need to just - mercifully, finally - get some decent sleep. He can ask Shikamaru if Katara's back to normal, to know if he should call his Doctor or not.

Either way, they'll sleep. They'll sleep several hours, before he wakes up and then decides to get his things in order.]

String of Filters: Yellow, Law, Mia, Green, and two broken ones )

[Action B]
[After he's recovered more, maybe within the next day or two, he has a greater understanding of what's happened. He remembers them losing, and he remembers fragments of what happened to him at their base. There was a lot of electricity involved, and he tells himself that's why Linda doesn't seem to be able to zap anything effectively at the moment. She's still able to run coils around her, but... No, no.

It's been a tense while, and they're almost at Valentines. In fact, looking back in the journal, that blue guy even suggested something like a warning. So maybe he'll just hit the town. No training for him, because even if he's mostly better (he thinks) he's not sure what's happened to him exactly, or to his mouse. That's why he, with Linda on his shoulder, are sort of walking in the snow aimlessly. Both have scarves he got as various gifts on their necks and he hits a lot of haunts: The Rec Center to play some video games, the Item Shop to see if there's Valentines things, the Library just because, the Welcome Center just... because.

He's not really looking for people, but he's not really looking to avoid people. Honestly, he still feels lonely though. If he's honest with himself, the sensation is similar to - but not the same as - that time after he left the Scarves and before Mikado made it to Tokyo.

And as the day goes on, more and more strange things keep happening. He shocks himself on doors from static electricity, he shorts out the game in the middle of getting a high school (okay, no, but a man can dream), other... things. All based in electricity.]

[Masaomi's Kidnap effect is that his body is electrically charged like he's some sort of electric-based superperson-thing. The level fluctuates and is related to his recovery and skin contact. He can't really control it either. If you see him after the realization he'll be wearing various different types of gloves as he tests out what works and what doesn't. Run into him anywhere around town]
Masaomi Kida
20 January 2013 @ 11:15 am
stage setting )

[Of course, there's really only one way to deal with frustrated misery: you plaster a broad smile on your face such that no one can see what's going on inside of you. He's long since used to doing this, and right now, he doubts anyone will call him on it anyway.

And so, with a bright grin on his face, the video begins. He's in his apartment, dressed in suit very similar to the one he got in gangland during the scavenger hunt experiment]

Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen! Coming to you live from a studio apartment near you, this is Kida Live! The spiritual successor to the well-received Kida Radio program that some of you might have heard about! [He spreads his arms wide, laughs, and then brings his arms in closer to himself, winking at the camera of the book before crouching down and keeping up the blase smile]

Now, I'm sure many of you have wondered "okay so Luceti's unfortunate, but how can I get a date?" Or perhaps "Valentines is coming up! What if I'm forced into my first kiss?" Or even your first intimate nature moment. [And he holds up his one hand in a circle, the other with his pointer finger out, and then pushes the pointer finger into the circle.] These are all valid concerns! After all, there's a sick sense of humor at work in the "Fate" of this world, one which breaks men's spirits as if they were twigs.

[And he laughs, at his own joke. His voice might just have shifted in pitch a little, but- He twirls in place, and by the time he's done, he's back to normal. Upbeat]

So tell me, Love Hunter Masa, about these concerns! About how you want a date and your woes of love. I'll have you know I even know an excellent matchmaker called the Commodore who can help~ you~ out~!

[With a little finger wiggle at the book of each of those last three words. He ends it there. This'll be more fun than just thinking, anyway.

If you don't want to do the video, there is an action option. Despite doing this broadcast in his apartment, he'll be spending most of his days not spent doing training things in Building I (formerly Azzip, now a budding convenience store) sitting with his Pikachu and browsing his journal. See him through the door or the window or something, or when he steps out to get a meal]

Bonus: In which he's kidnapped tomorrow )
Masaomi Kida
14 December 2012 @ 12:02 am
[This whole post is forward dated lightly to the 14th/tomorrow]

[Action/Stage Setting]

[Okay so Masaomi got back to his apartment with Shikamaru in the early morn... to find that Shikamaruwas not there. He found the note, but then went to search the room of his body, and made another interesting discovery on top of the one that his friend was hospitalized. He's not really sure what to think of both of these together (particularly given that he was on a mission) but... Oh well, what's done is done and he'll see it through. So with a sigh, he packs up a little lunch and rolls up some other stuff into a bag and heads to the Dome to see him.

You can see him en route with the bag or when he's setting up things in the kitchen or anything things like that if you want. He's sort of doing this early-ish in the morning, but yeah.

After that, well, he's going to be in the Dome's clinic. Seeing Shikamaru, hanging out, and then finally getting bored with that and going to sit around the Dome proper, chatting with his Pikachu and slicing up apples for her. Maybe a bit of light training in one of the sim rooms, but for most of the day they seem to be full-ish. Aand then-]


E...hto. Honestly, I'd like to have another set of spars, but Linda here's more out of shape than I am from all that searching. Saaaah, not that I'll oppose any spars, I'm going to be at this Dome all week by the looks of it. But either way, who feels like a spar with me and my partner, or perhaps something more traditional like a pokemon battle? Both would give us something to do, eeeh?

[A sigh]

Also, I'm back folks. I hope the ladies didn't miss me too much while I was out? [He tries to be flirtly, but he comes out a little terse still in spite of himself.]
Masaomi Kida
27 November 2012 @ 11:29 pm
[Shikamaru and Masaomi have tag-teamed to procure the items. Their quest begins later on, as they allowed for a number of days for preparation and quietly looking around/enjoying the sights before then.
At Shikamaru's suggestion, the first days of the scavenger hunt are spent in observation rather than gathering items. CJ let it drop there was a five day allotment and that they had to keep the items the entire time; waiting just seemed smart.

So they get started on the second to last day. At the Space Opera they have some Tang and trade something that is distinctly not Tang for some ray guns. For the robot, they found something even more effective than an off switch. Who knew flights of stairs would be so deadly?

From there they swipe a jetpack and head to the Shogunate. Neither one of them are manly enough to take on a samurai in pitched combat, so they resort the theft. Or rather Hidan does. While the angry samurai are off looking for him, they'll meet and greet some kappa. Masaomi uses the powers of meta to get the water from their heads.

In Gangland, they dress up some energy drinks as booze in exchange for the tommy guns. While the gangsters there are distracted by that, Linda uses the powers of attraction to get some studebaker keys.

At The Nile, having caught on to the priest's weakness to cute things, they take advantage of small children for the daggers. They face the traps for the treasure with the powers of Rube Goldberg.

The Ice Age is last. Their grand plan to defeat a smilodon?? ...feed it. The cavemen going to war, meanwhile, are happy to exchange their bone spears for the retractable spears Hidan Shikamaru has for them. With little time left until the scavenger hunt ends, the rest is a popcorn fest.

Threads for seeing them pull off any of these ten capers or being involved in them are first-come, first-serve (put the item in the subject head or body of the reply if you want) but if you want to just encounter them in the periods between any of them in any zone or after they complete them all, hanging out somewhere... maybe even run into them while lost in C1 if they're at their apartment, those are unlimited. As this is a joint post, all replies will be from Masaomi and Shikamaru ([personal profile] endgames)]
Masaomi Kida
13 November 2012 @ 07:32 pm

[Masaomi is dressed smartly today. He is dressed in a suit, so basically like this, but worn not like a gigolo. He still has his usual stud piercings in (though not the hoop earring some of you might have seen in his left ear during the draft, instead he's simply got another stud there) and Katara's bracelet but otherwise he's not even wearing jewelry. It would throw off the ensemble. Okay so the bracelet does a little already, but sue him he loves it.

On this day he's set off with a few goals in morning. The first, he actually sets off earlier in the day to accomplish The first involves a can of green spraypaint. ...Well, more than one. And cans of blue spray too. In the way early morning, Masaomi is setting off and drawing lines in the dirt - a blue line from Ventus's house's door to the southernmost bridge, and a line from Fuuko's house's door to the southernmost bridge.]

a super elaborate prank on Fuuko and Ventus )

[Of course, his Suit is not simply for that Masterful Plan™. After it is done, from noon to a little later in the day, he's going to a variety of other places. The Flower Shop, the Smithy, and then hanging around the Square. Seventh Heaven for lunch. During this time he'll be chatting up people in his suit and generally trying to be charming. He'll also be trying to peddle, in the early afternoon, some sort of energy drink cocktail he has in a pitcher. Don't ask what's in it, but if you try some, be ready to not speed that night from the amount of ... well, everything. in it.

Later in the day he'll also be looking for Katara around the Med Center or failing that her house, with flowers in hand.

Catch him in any of these locations]
Masaomi Kida
25 September 2012 @ 12:45 pm

[So having got back from the mission on the late 23rd, Masaomi allowed himself roughly a day to detox. He didn't even really go to do his training regime. He just went around town seeing who he could talk to and generally enjoying being back in this village. Because he does, well... like it, these days. (if you want to have your character run into him on the 24th that's cool)

But sometime on the 24th or today on the 25th, he goes to visit Mikado... and Mikado's not there. He tries the journal, and he's- gone.

Gone home, that is. Again. He stares in shock for a moment, wondering what he should feel like. He's surprised by how he can't really feel anything but a general moroseness. He's not violently enraged like last time. He's not even totally sad, really. Mikado might have been his best friend at home, but he feels so incredibly distanced from that home, that life, and that destiny, going into the future, that he knows he's going back to. What he's learned and fought with Mikado about doesn't make it any better. So on the 25th, Masaomi seeks out Anri to talk with her before going to see if there's anything neat in the item shop. He then goes back to his apartment, having found something neat (feel free to run into him during this too if you want)]


Hey, Luceti. [Maaomi is now on the roof of his building. It's early evening, and he's propped the book up to see him sitting here in a chair. he has a flare gun in his hand and he's looking at the sky] It seems I'm the last man standing from Ikebukuro now. Weird how that works, huh?

[And then he points the flare gun straight up and shoots it - a flare into the night, like Men do (feel free to have your character action-react to a flare being shot up from the roof of C1 too). He then goes to cut off the recording

He then goes to send a message to MARS, in particular to CJ to try to summon him and haggle about a price on something]